One Million Dollars to Win at Dirty Dog Speedway Freeze Your Snowball Derby

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Dec 032013
Guy Dirty - Owner of Dirty Dog Speedway

Guy Dirty – Owner of Dirty Dog Speedway

Dirty Dog Speedway in Yuma, South Carolina will pay $1,000,000 to win in the First Annual Freeze Your Snowball Derby Pro Box Stock Clone Feature on January Fourth, 2014.

Beaver Creek Speedway will be closed, and all other tracks in the country might as well lock the gates for this one, as it is the highest paying go kart race in history.

All of the big names in kart racing will be there for this super duper event, and even some big names from dirt late model racing and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be vying for the one million dollar prize to be paid out to the winner of the main feature event.

“Every man or woman who has ever driven anything will be coming out of the woodwork and crawling out from under rocks to come race at Dirty Dog Speedway,” says track owner Guy Dirty. “We expect around ten thousand entries.”

Qualifying for the Pro Box Stock Super Duper One Million to Win race will  begin on December 26, 2013 and run through January 4, 2014. Only the fastest eighty karts will make the event. The entry fee for this race is $1200.

“It will be a tight squeeze getting eighty karts on a quarter-mile track, but we can do it,” says Dirty. “We expect quite a few to be eliminated early,” he added with a wink and a chuckle. “Once we get those out of the way it should be smooth sailing for the 500-lap race.”

There are currently fuel stops planned at twenty-five-lap intervals. Dirty says that these will also provide better competition and more excitement in the form of violent crashes because it will bunch up the karts.

Local driver Harry Feets chimed in: “I’m going up there to South Carolina to win this thang. I’ve got something to prove, and I’m gonna prove it. I’ll do anythang to win that million, and I mean any damn thang!”

Feets will have some stiff competition as Dirty has already heard from such names as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhadt Jr., Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Billy Moyer, Ronnie Johnson, Ken Schrader, and Scott Bloomquist, just to name a few.

No other racing classes will compete during this event as time will not permit, however, kids are welcome to bring their kid karts of any type and play when the track is not in use.